My eBook: Listing and Selling Without an Agent

eBook Cover

In “How I Listed and Sold My House Without an Agent,” I tell the story of how I took on the marketing, listing and showing responsibilities of selling my own home.

Despite having no formal training as a real estate agent, I was able to land a buyer at a high price in a matter of weeks. The result is that I kept thousands of dollars in profits that would normally have been paid to a listing agent.

This is not a step-by-step guide—while I recount my specific story, I do offers opinions and ideas on how and why this process worked for me. The final chapter lays out the key points that I believe helped make the sale happen. 

If you’ve thought about selling a house yourself, you may find this quick read a worthwhile investment, as it could help you decide to sell your home yourself—with the potential of keeping thousands in additional profits. Alternatively, you could learn the effort required doesn’t fit your personality or circumstances, thus saving you hours of valuable time and heartache.

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