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Managing in the Style of Queen Elizabeth I

(photo credit: Zyllan Fotografía via Flickr)

(photo credit: Zyllan Fotografía via Flickr)

I mentioned in an earlier blog entry that I was taking a Teaching Company Great Course on the History of England from the Tutors to the Stuarts in preparation for a trip to Wales, Northern England, and London.

Today, the instructor, Professor Robert Bucholz of Loyola University in Chicago, introduced Elizabeth I, the grand Queen of England from 1558 to 1609.

Elizabeth I was a master at getting people to do what she wanted them to do. Following on the horrific reign of her sister, best known as Bloody Mary, her subjects feared another inept female monarch. After all, a Queen defied the Great Chain of Being — which linked the “King” from God to man. But through careful actions, she won the love and respect of her subjects.

How did she do this?

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