Step Nine To Abundance: Ask Yourself the Important Questions

(courtesy Iqbal Osman via Flickr)

(courtesy Iqbal Osman via Flickr)

In an earlier blog entry I talked about the importance of being honest with yourself. Being honest with yourself is an important step to knowing who you are, but there’s often more work to be done to fully discover what is most important to you. And knowing that can lead you to abundance!

The world is a crazy place that throws so many messages at us all the time. Most of those messages are neither true nor important. We’ve got to stop believing all the marketing around us since the messages tend more to lessen our self esteem rather than bolster our egos or self worth.

We don’t need things to have abundance, in fact, it’s just the opposite. The need to have things will likely destroy any chance we have of gaining abundance in today’s world.

What follows are a number of questions about life. I suggest you grab a pen and paper (or iPad, laptop or whatever) and answer these questions for yourself. You’ll gain some important insights.

So what is important to you… and why is it important?

Are the things you care about bringing you joy and peace and abundance or are they robbing you of those very things?

How much of what you think about who you are depends on what someone else thinks about you?

Are you trying to please someone in order to be OK with yourself?

Are the people in your life building you up or tearing you down?

Do you build yourself up or do you tear yourself down?

What are the messages that go through your head?

Why do you believe what you believe?

What are you willing to do to please someone else?

Are you willing to be someone you’re not?

Are you happy now?

If so, are you grateful for that happiness?

If you’re not happy now, what is it that would make you happy  –  and would it really make you happy?

If you had everything we wanted, what would your life look like?

How different would that life be from the one you’re living today?

What is it in your life that keep you from happiness, and, if those things were resolved, what would your life be like?

What is the most important thing you have?

What is the most important thing you want?

Are you taking care of the most important thing you have and are you working to get the most important thing you want?

How much time, energy, focus are you really giving to keeping the most important thing you have and getting the most important thing you want?


Are you all talk and no action?

Do you have a plan?

OK, that’s enough for one blog entry. But I’m glad I asked the questions I did. I hope you answered them, as I did, and I hope they brought you some insight into yourself.

I’ve actually learned a lot about me today and I’ve discovered I still have work to do.

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