Step Eight to Abundance: Avoid the Money Robbers

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In the last blog entry, we talked about free stuff. Today we’re talking about exactly the opposite — expensive stuff or money robbers.

We all have them in our lives and unfortunately, as long as they’re there, abundance will elude us.

What are the money robbers?

Debt is number one. I can’t speak to the idea of a crushing debt problem, personally, because I escaped the debt trap. Timing was one reason. When I was in college, credit cards were not available to kids. Thank goodness for that.

I also grew up with depression-era parents, and although we were poor in material things, my parents did not have a lot of debt.


I was so focused on not being in debt when I was young — still am — that I had no problem with doing without. Doing without is actually freeing and I recommend it to everyone who hasn’t tried it. If you’re in debt, go to a money counselor and find out how to get out of it. Debt is a parasite and it does destroy.

Addictions are number two. We’re all have the potential to be addicted to something. Controlling our addictions is part of growing in self discipline, a trait worth honing if we want abundance in our lives. We have to do whatever is possible to get a handle on any addiction that saps us of freedom, joy, and prosperity.

Gambling is number three. Stay away from anything where people are betting against you — especially when they always win — if not in the short run definitely in the long run. Lotteries are taxes on people who don’t understand odds. Get your thrills somewhere else if you want abundance.

Marketing scams are number four. If it’s too good to be true, it is not true. The number of people who fall for obvious marketing scams overwhelms me. I’ve talked with several smart, sensible people recently who fell for the most amazing schemes and paid huge amount of dollars to someone who turned out to be a charlatan. Research everything before you spend your money.

I think we get so desperate for a solution to whatever problem we’re having that we make crazy decisions. Please proceed with caution whenever someone tells you they will solve your problem for a price.

Little bitty stuff is number five. How many times to we spend our money on little things that don’t cost much but really don’t do much for us either. Lots of little bitty stuff can get expensive. Besides it’s mostly junk and junk robs us of abundance.

Things we think will make us more important than we think we are in number six. That big diamond ring or that super cool car or a big house or a grand vacation — ah, the things we get to brag about. If we need those things to complete who we are then we might want to relook at who we think we are. If you can afford high-end materialistic junk, then go for it. If you can’t afford it, then not only do you sap any abundance you might have in the future when you spend our money on it, you actually play the fool.

Sometimes those people who appear to have the least actually have the most. The opposite is also true, so let’s be careful who we’re trying to impress.

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