Step Seven to Abundance: Do Cheap (and Free) Stuff

In Hollywood, Florida, where I live, there is so much free stuff to do.

(photo credit Ryan Johnson via Flickr)

(photo credit Ryan Johnson via Flickr)

I bet there is where you live, too. The Hollywood city website is a great source of all sorts of free activities in my community as are the local newspapers–the free ones I’m mailed each month. There is so much going on here and so much of it is free or very low cost.

There has to be lots of free things to do around you, too. Hiking, biking, walking, running, swimming in ponds or lakes or local public pools, or bird watching, or playing tennis in public parks, or going to local youth sporting events, or picnicking in the country, or going to free concerts or lectures or plays in the park are all things you can do. I know you can come up with lots of other ideas. Not only are doing many of these things good for your wallet, but they are also good for you physically and mentally and socially.

Free or low cost TV beats huge cable bills any day. I’m lucky in that PBS is my favorite TV station. Other than Jeopardy, which I watch on local TV using rabbit ears, PBS is the only channel I watch on TV as such.

I do enjoy streaming shows over the Internet. I love my Roku player–it offers me a grand world of entertainment. I subscribe to Acorn TV since I like the British shows–it costs $29.00 a year. I also subscribe to Amazon Prime since I use lots of the Prime services including the book borrowing–that costs me $99.00 a year. There are lots of movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime and it’s getting better. Hulu is great, too, and that’s about $8.00 a month. Netflix is out there but I don’t use it anymore. Using Acorn and Amazon Prime works better for me. There lots of other streaming options that are so much cheaper and offer much better TV than cable companies.

The cool thing about free TV and streaming shows–compared to cable TV–is NO commercials. Do you realize what percent of your TV watching time is taken over by commercials? I know you probably use services that let you fast forward through the commercials–but that still takes time better spent.

Maybe, if we stopped watching all the junk, we’d be free from the inane and over-done advertisements. For some reason the folks that run American TV networks just haven’t gotten that less is more.

Want to save a little money? Watch movies at home–pop your own popcorn. Use a streaming service.

Pipe up the music in your living room and dance!

Here’s another: Learn to cook! Cooking not only opens up a world of creativity and wonderful foods but can save you lots of money. Rid your grocery life of processed foods. Most of them are so awful for you and your budgets.

Go to farmer’s markets and buy fresh foods. Experiment and enjoy. Good food is a great joy in life and that joy is multiplied when you make the food yourself. (I’ll talk more in a later entry about making food yourself; I’ve got some more tips that save money and increase the healthiness of your diet.)

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