Step Six to Abundance: Get Rid of Your Junk!

Junk Drawer

(credit: Liz West via Flickr)

There is so much junk in our midst and there are so many reasons to get rid of it.

Before we talk about getting rid of the junk in our lives, let’s define what it is.

Junk is that stuff that keeps us from abundance. It can be the things we buy, or do, or read, or think about, or are addicted to, or want, or believe.

We have to define “junk” for ourselves since it’s different for each of us, but we all have it. If we look for the junk in our own lives consciously, we’ll know it when we see it. Once we discover what it is, we can work to get rid of it.

Examples of junk include watching TV, impulse buys, excessive amounts of things like clothes or shoes or jewelry or purses, or toys, or cigarettes, or gambling or drugs.

This is not an inclusive list. In fact, it’s only a small fraction of how junk manifests itself in our lives.

While junk abounds in our closets, it’s more dangerous when it abounds in our minds. Junk, maybe more than anything else, keeps us from the abundance we deserve.

Let’s look at some other reasons to get rid of the junk in our lives:

  1. Junk is expensive. All junk costs too much. If we’re spending time, energy, money on junk, we’re not spending that time, energy, or money on things that will bring us abundance.
  2. Junk takes up too much space. Abundance means freedom. An attribute of freedom is wide open spaces. If there is something in our lives that is taking up too much of the precious space we’ve been allotted, it’s junk, and has to be gotten rid of.
  3. Junk perverts our thinking. Since there is very little if any truth in our world, we have to be very careful that the things we think are true are not really junk. If our truths keep us from abundance —I can’t do that, I don’t have the time to do that, I’m afraid to do that–then we have to relook at those truths. Actually, we should constantly be looking at what we believe is true. Remember that our truths are marketed to us the same as everything else, and marketing is frequently based on lies and exaggerations. It’s us to up to find quiet time–and space–to consider our own truths.
  4. Junk stifles creativity. It’s hard to be creative when we’re in the midst of junk. Having what we need at our fingertips, or in our brains, or in our lives, is what generates creativity  –  junk is a naysayer. Since creativity is the basis of abundance, if we’re not creative in everything we do, we won’t have abundance.
  5. Junk is just dangerous. Not only does junk rob us of abundance, it often leads us to despair. Despair is the opposite of abundance  –  it’s joyless and fearful and angry and ugly. It’s that feeling we get when we don’t think we have a way out of a situation.

There is always a way out and you can choose it. We can take a big step toward abundance by getting rid of the junk in our lives.

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