Step Five to Abundance: Make BIG Changes!

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Today is the day to confront a list of BIG changes you might make in your life to create the abundance you want.

We’ve already looked at the “things” we want to determine whether we can afford them or not. We’ve examined where we spend our money and determined where we could spend less and save more.


These included some major items like housing costs, car costs, and alterations in the way we live.

BUT, before any of these changes can effectively be put into place we need to look at the way we think about money and about abundance and maybe make some BIG changes in the way we think.

Let’s look at some questions we can ask ourselves to determine what’s important to us — and how a change in mindset can lead to abundance.

1. How do we define abundance? 

I define abundance as freedom, joy, peace, and the ability to have and do whatever I want. OK, that can be expensive.

Fortunately, I only want to do and have what I can easily afford. Things do not define me. I drive old cars because I love my old cars.

My houses are nice, but nothing spectacular — what’s cool is all my houses generate some income for me. That’s what important to me.

Now it’s your turn to write down what’s important to you. Does your car, your house, your jewelry, your clothes define you? If so, you may have a challenge getting to abundance. 

2.What does money mean to us? 

Money, to me, is one of several tools to gain abundance which means freedom, joy, peace and independence.

Money does not represent power, or prestige, or even who I am. It is just a tool.

How do you think about money?

3. Do we own our problems and challenges? 

If we want abundance, we can never blame other people for where we are in your life. We are where we are because of the decisions we’ve made — even if the things that might have happened to us were out of our control.

Only when we own our problems, our situation, or our decisions can we make the changes we need to gain abundance.

If someone else is responsible for the things that have happened to us, then how can we do anything to make our life different?

We have to OWN what’s happened to us before we can do anything about it.

4. Do we seize the opportunities in our life?

I’ve jumped at some 90 percent of the opportunities that have come my way — and the biggest mistakes I made were in not taking advantage of the other 10 percent.

5. Do we learn from our mistakes? 

OK, since I’ve jumped at some 90 percent of the opportunities that came my way — I’ve made mistakes. Is that bad? Not yet.

No ifs, ands, or buts  — I’ve gotten myself in some tough situations that I’ve had to recoup from. But I’ve learned a lot.

It was the worse of the situations that have taught me the most. Some of the ride has been harrowing, but I wouldn’t change a minute of any of it.

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