Step Six to Abundance: Get Rid of Your Junk!

Junk Drawer

(credit: Liz West via Flickr)

There is so much junk in our midst and there are so many reasons to get rid of it.

Before we talk about getting rid of the junk in our lives, let’s define what it is.

Junk is that stuff that keeps us from abundance. It can be the things we buy, or do, or read, or think about, or are addicted to, or want, or believe.

We have to define “junk” for ourselves since it’s different for each of us, but we all have it. If we look for the junk in our own lives consciously, we’ll know it when we see it. Once we discover what it is, we can work to get rid of it.

Examples of junk include watching TV, impulse buys, excessive amounts of things like clothes or shoes or jewelry or purses, or toys, or cigarettes, or gambling or drugs.

This is not an inclusive list. In fact, it’s only a small fraction of how junk manifests itself in our lives.

While junk abounds in our closets, it’s more dangerous when it abounds in our minds. Junk, maybe more than anything else, keeps us from the abundance we deserve.

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Step Five to Abundance: Make BIG Changes!

butterfly photo

(credit: Daniel Hall via Flickr)

Today is the day to confront a list of BIG changes you might make in your life to create the abundance you want.

We’ve already looked at the “things” we want to determine whether we can afford them or not. We’ve examined where we spend our money and determined where we could spend less and save more.


These included some major items like housing costs, car costs, and alterations in the way we live.

BUT, before any of these changes can effectively be put into place we need to look at the way we think about money and about abundance and maybe make some BIG changes in the way we think.

Let’s look at some questions we can ask ourselves to determine what’s important to us — and how a change in mindset can lead to abundance.

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Step Four to Abundance: Make Saving Fun

(credit: Ken Teegardin via Flickr)

(credit: Ken Teegardin via Flickr)

Take another five or ten dollars out of your wallet and add it to the money already in your safe place.

Where are you going to get this money? I’ve got a few ideas for you.

One of the most important things you can do on the road to abundance is learn to make saving fun. Make it a game–maybe the most important game you can play if you want to live an abundance life.

Here are a few thoughts on places—some of them fun to implement and all of them a potentially rewarding endeavor—where you can get that five or ten dollars to sock away:

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Step Three to Abundance: Sort Your Expenditures

Sorting Coins Photo

Photo Credit: Gord Webster via Flickr)

In the last blog entry we discussed a method determine where you’re spending your money, how to calculate the percentage of your total amount revenue you’re spending on any one item, and then sort those items by percentage.

OK, let’s work with this list today.

But first, take another five or ten dollars out of your wallet and add it to the money you took out before. Put it in your safe place.

First question  –  it’s an easy one – maybe.

Where are you spending your money?

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Step Two to Abundance: Where Are You Spending Money?

(credit: Ken Teegardin via Flickr)

(credit: Ken Teegardin via Flickr)

In the last entry I discussed getting your numbers in place. That means comparing the amount of money that comes into your household each month and the amount of money you spend.

In this entry we will look at these numbers in more detail.

First, take another five or ten dollars out of your wallet and add it to the money you took out before.

Put it in a safe place–somewhere you can keep it, will not use it, but only add to it.

OK, let’s get started.

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