Want to Be More Productive? Give Yourself a Break

Courtesy Benjamin Reed via Flickr

(Credit: Benjamin Reed via Flickr)

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I’ve gotten back from traveling to the UK where I visited friends in Wales, attended a book festival in Harrogate, and then played in York with a friend from London for a couple of days, before heading back to London, and then home.

When in Harrogate, I had tickets to a presentation by J.K. Rowlings. I met her when she was signing my first edition copy of The Silkworm, her latest novel, as Robert Galbraith. (I’ll tell you about that later.)

A few weeks ago, getting ready for the trip, polishing the Improbable Millionaire ebook, writing blogs, and still trying to manage my life was getting exhausting.

When I was unable to sleep one night a few days before my big trip, I struggled the next day. (A dentist appointment didn’t help my spirits any.) Although I did some things that day and the next, I really beat myself up for not accomplishing more.

But driving to my exercise class, the windows down in my little car, my mood suddenly altered.

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