How I Use Yahoo Finance to Track Stocks

Yahoo Finance Page

Finance.Yahoo.Com offers news and stock tools, plus personal portfolios

Besides Scottrade, which has excellent research tools including tutorials on investing, the place I go to most often to get information about stocks is Yahoo finance

To be honest, I liked the site much more before they junked it up with so many inane advertisements — why Ellen Degeneres has been crying on the main yahoo finance page for months perplexes me — but I’m sure someone has a good reason for paying lots of money to do just that.

Regardless, even sifting through the junk, there is a fountain of information available on Yahoo Finance. Remember, though, that any information can make its way onto Yahoo — and since they promote drama and sensationalism over confidence and reason — proceed with caution.

Their numbers are good though —  most of the time  — and their stock quotes are real-time. That’s what I like the most. … Read More