Saving Money is Hard… But Setting Goals Helps

(credit: Paxson Woelber via Flickr)

(credit: Paxson Woelber via Flickr)

In my last entry I offered ways to save money. In this entry I want to acknowledge how hard saving money is. SAVING MONEY IS NOT EASY, but if you want abundance in your life, you have to do it.

But “no ifs, ands, or buts,” saving money is hard work. Of course, lots of things worth having in life are hard work.

If you want a great physical body, you have to work hard at exercising. If you want a high-paying job, you have to work hard at school. If you want to progress in your career, you have to work hard at your job. Hard work takes motivation and discipline and conscious focus.

The good news is that once motivation, discipline, and conscious focus is learned in one area of life, the skills easily transport to other areas.

Setting goals is critical to creating success in everything we want to achieve. Muscles and minds, careers, businesses, art, music… even Rome… were not built in a day. To become great at whatever we want to have happen takes consistent effort over time.

This certainly applies to saving money.

I’ve found that there is an *almost* magical way to make things happen: Set a goal.

I write my goals down, I’m apt to meet them… even if I don’t do anything else.

That is, I write my goals down either on paper or in a computer file and then store them somewhere. Often, when I look at the goals again at some later date, I’ve met them… or at least I’m on my way to meeting then.

Just by writing the goals down, I can achieve them.

How could that possibly be? Because by the writing the goals down, I’ve defined them and strangely enough, have committed myself to making them happen. Achieving the goals I’ve defined is now in my psyche and I’m driven to reach them.

This has happened to me so often in my improbable life, I have to believe it works.

So, if you want to do something important in your life — like save money — start by writing that down. Set a goal. It’s the first step on a long journey, and I’m not saying the whole  journey will be easy. Some of it will be hard.

But that journey starts with a first step, and that step should be to write down your goal.

You may be surprised, like me, when you’re able to look back and realize it worked!

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