What To Do If You Lose Your Photo ID and Need to Get On a Plane

(credit: ECP via Flickr)

(credit: ECP via Flickr)

I went to Washington D.C. a weekend not too long ago for a mystery readers’ conference where I was on an author’s panel for the first time. I also presented a two-minute spiel at a new author’s breakfast, relished in the glee of being amongst fans… and lost my driver’s license.

Oops. That was not a good thing — losing the driver’s license, I mean.

It was one of those mornings. I rushed out of the house at 5:00 A.M. for an early flight, traversed a convoluted detour route into the airport because of construction, wasted time finding a place to park, and then went to the wrong airline terminal to check in. After discovering my mistake, I had to walk a mile from terminal one to terminal three in the wrong shoes, dragging luggage that had books in it behind me. Not fun.

Thank goodness I had left the house a few minutes early. By the time I got checked in, through security, and to the gate, the plane was boarding so I showed my e-ticket and walked right on — without my driver’s license. I discovered it missing when I checked into the hotel.

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