Do Away With the Drama

(credit: Keith Allison via Flickr)

(credit: Keith Allison via Flickr)

Other than Jeopardy, a couple of shows on HGTV comprise the only commercial TV I watch because, to me, commercial TV is not only a huge waste of time and energy, but actually can make me sick — and being healthy is critically important to me.

BBC America used to have some good programming — but, alas, no more.

I remember when A&E and Bravo aired great TV. That was years ago. Now most of the offerings are drivel.

I still watch House Hunters International, but the other shows on HGTV are so absurdly scripted and formulaic that they’re unwatchable.

The contrived drama would be amusing — do these people never learn from their experiences — if it wasn’t so trite. I’ve only had cable TV for the one month I’ve lived in my new home, but it’s on its way out of here. It’s way too expensive and the offerings are just awful.

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