Give Up Fear

(credit: dryhead via Flickr)

(credit: dryhead via Flickr)

I get emails from Oprah each day and the headline in today’s email was Dr Phil espousing that fear was the worse “four-letter F” word. I rarely pay attention to the articles — not because what they write doesn’t have value — but often it’s trite and obvious.

But then so is the notion that fear is bad.

Fear IS bad for you. But our culture is programmed to keep us fearful in every aspect of our lives. Fearful people rarely step outside the line.

When I was much younger and making my way in the world, it seems like life offered many more possibilities and was safer. (I write about this in “How I Became an Improbable Millionaire.”) While lots of “improbable” things happened to me along the way, there was so much more opportunity that I could tap into then exists as readily today.

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