The Power in Teams

(credit: USGA-Humphreys via Flickr)

(credit: USGA-Humphreys via Flickr)

When I was working at Texas Instructions back in the early 90s, I had a chance to go to a training seminar on “teaming” put on by North Texas State University.

Using teams in business was thought innovative at that time, and my organization at TI was an early adopter of the concept.

Now, of course, teaming in business is standard and expected. This is a great thing! I loved when my title was changed from manager to team lead. Leading teams is so much more fun than managing people, although the skills are similar.

I’m still a team lead, though I no longer work in a corporation. Building teams is what I do best and it’s my team(s) that help(s) me get things done in the best, quickest, and most cost effective ways. There is no way I could do what I do without my teams.

There are lots of rules to building teams. One is to hire the very best people. How do you find these people? It’s easy. You ask for them.

Soon after I bought the duplex in Hollywood, Florida, I quickly discovered if I wanted to create a vacation rental business out of the property, I needed help. I needed a good team to make this happen. I had a list of people that could be part of this team, but nobody on my list was quite right as an all round maintenance person. So I reached out to everyone I knew — it was my main topic of conversation until I solved the problem.

It was my personal trainer who had the solution. He introduced me to Justin — his son who happened to be a maintenance manager for a large synagogue in southeast Florida. Super industrious, Justin was looking for extra work. Wow… was I lucky.

OMgosh! Justin is amazing. We’ve worked together for almost two years. There is no way I could have done the vacation rental business without him. The cool thing about Justin is that he came with a team. He knew the best plumber, electrician, AC guy around. He had tested and proven these people before we ever met. Now these people are part of my team.

There is a second rule to building teams. Once you find the best people, treat them wonderfully so you’re first on their list when you need something. It is critical to be the best team lead you can be if you want to hire and keep the very best people.

Be the kind of team lead that your team wants to work for. Pay fairly and generously when you can, be respectful, be present, and care about your team as if they were family. With the right team you can accomplish anything.

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