Step Six to a Better Job: Applying for Jobs

5621810815_185b86a50d_zJob application tools have dramatically changed since I last applied for a job, so the method you use to take care of this step is all yours. I do suggest you apply for all the jobs you identified in Step 3 and 4 that you are still interested in pursuing. Choice is always a good thing.

That said, you might want to ease into the number of jobs you apply for to start with so you can learn what works and what doesn’t from the process itself and then make modifications if necessary. You might save the jobs you want most until after you’ve practiced with a couple of other jobs. The risk in doing this, of course, is that you’ll be offered one of those first jobs before you apply for the jobs you want most.

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Step Five to a Better Job: Networking

5730027163_d758a5f7c8_zIf you’ve been reading the latest series of blog entries, you know that you’ve come a long way to getting the perfect job that will lead you to abundance. You’ve identified companies you want to work for and you know everything there is to know about those companies. You’ve identified jobs we’re interested in within those companies and you know what skills are required to do them. You’ve developed and perfected a self-marketing tool—either a resume, a LinkedIn profile, a YouTube channel, or whatever represents you best—and you are ready to distribute it. You’ve prioritized the jobs you’re interested in and have identified skills we may need to hone or improve once we get the job.

Today you’re going to start reaching out to a network of former colleagues and friends to help you to find the job we want.

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Step Four to a Better Job: List All The Opportunities

12439343164_52b250e154_zToday you are going to list every potential job opportunity you have discovered during your research. No matter how impossible the job may seem to you right now, if it sounds at all like something you might want to do, you should write it down.

This may sound crazy to you, but at the end of this task you should have no fewer than ten opportunities identified—and I hope you’ll discover upwards of 50 opportunities. If you’ve discovered more than 50 potential job opportunities that might work for you, you’re thinking outside the box, and are well on your way to that great new job that will lead you to abundance!

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Step Three to a Better Job: Brainstorm the Possibilities

4823650873_940063a98c_zIn earlier blog entries you determined what it is that we do best —you‘ve discovered your strengths—defined and dissected your perfect job, and addressed if you wanted a new job whether to go it on your own, or join a great company.

Wow! You’ve come a long way. But there is still a lot of work to do.

Today we talk about being super creative in your pursuit of a new job. Let’s brainstorm all the possibilities.

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Step Two to a Better Job: Visualize The Job… or Company

photo courtesy Ideas AB via Flickr

photo courtesy Ideas AB via Flickr

In the last blog entry we talked about identifying your strengths — those things you do naturally that will adapt to your great new job — and then you identified the characteristics of your new job by writing the job description.

Step 1 done. (Almost!)

Let’s revisit those characteristics of your new job again — this time putting yourself in the job.

Let’s say one of the characteristics of your ideal job is a flexible schedule or that you can work from a home office.

Ask yourself these questions about how the job’s characteristics and how you’re going to handle them:

  1. How will I set my schedule and am do I have the discipline necessary to commit to it?
  2. How will I separate my home life from my office life?
  3. What distractions will be in this new environment and how will I manage them?
  4. What tools do I have now and what will I need to get?
  5. How about the socialization? Will I miss working with other people?

OK, these are just example questions. You need to come up with your own list. Dissect each of the job characteristics you’ve identified in Step 1 and come up with a list of questions that define how you will perform the tasks of this job.

This is going to take some time, but at the end of the exercise you should know whether this is something you really want to pursue. You know me by now. I never promise anything is easy; in fact, I believe if something is worth having it’s worth working for. So get to work!

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